Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About the blog

Hello, Readers.

It is with considerable regret that I have decided to enable comment moderation on this blog for the time being.While anyone is free to disagree with me or anyone else, I do believe that some ground rules are necessary - especially since this is a spirituality blog.

Reasonable people of good will can and do disagree about most any issue a person could name. Thoughtful and compassionate people, however, do so politely, without profanity and without personal attacks. It is also important not to engage in "mind reading" -- that is, assuming what a person thinks and then attacking the person for it. All I'm asking for here is civility.

Blessings to all and thank you for understanding.


  1. This is your very thoughtful and beautiful blog and I think you are totally within your rights to moderate comments. It is reasonable to wish that your blog be a reflection of your interests in the beautiful way that it has been, and to welcome comments that are thoughtful and civil from people who are appreciative of your efforts. If you were writing in a newspaper, the newspaper would not publish every single letter from every single person about your writings, especially not any that were rude. You have a right to moderate comments and shouldn't feel guilty about that. You don't even have to publish this comment, if you don't want to. I will not take it personally. I just want you to know that I think comment moderation in this crazy blogosphere is a good idea, and also that I think you shouldn't feel like you ever have to change back. It's a way to keep it beautiful and reflecting your values.

  2. Thank you so much for your very kind and supportive comment, Marain. It gladdens my heart.

    I don't suppose it's really all that surprising that fearful people would be really distressed right now and feel the need to lash out at anybody who seems to be supporting Obama or even simply to be committed to praying for him.

    I truly do hope that Ed finds peace. (He was actually even more vitriolic over at my Meditation Matters blog.)

    Thank you again for commenting, Marain. I hope you come back!

  3. Oh, Ellie, I'm so sorry. You surely don't deserve this for your efforts to provide thought for contemplation.

  4. Thank you, Ruth!

    I have decided not to publish Ed's most recent comments and to delete all the earlier ones.

    Everybody gets trolls now and then. It's just part of blogging!

  5. Ellie,

    thank you again for the wonderful work you do on your three is regrettable that all are not able to appreciate what you are doing, but I find it very heartening that you are attracting more and more readers of good will. Keep up the Most Excellent Work!

    with love and appreciation,
    Ann Callaway

  6. Thanks you SO much, Annie. You truly have a talent for encouragement.

  7. Oh, Ellie, I am so sorry you were forced to make this decision. I do believe you were forced as open dialogue about any issue is truly open only if it is respectful. It is a shame that respectfulness can only be attained by editing. Hang in there as this blog provides much food for thought--sometimes even more so when I don't agree!!!
    Carolyn L.

  8. Hello, Carolyn.

    Well, it was a nasty racist who was provoked by my pictures of the Inauguration. (I have deleted those comments.) I supposed that was to be expected. (There have been racist "backlash" episodes all over the country.)

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