Sunday, January 4, 2009

Second Sunday after Christmas

Many church people, I think, are too caught up in viewing the Incarnation as a theological doctrine that must be believed and overlook, thereby, the understanding that it is an reality we are called to manifest in our daily lives. When you think about it, the Incarnation is the very opposite of "abstract"!!!

It is crucial to move from principle to practice — from idea to embodiment. The Word became flesh. And we beheld his glory. The essence, the very being of the ultimate, was there for us to look at, to behold, to touch, to be with. Just as we see God in the historical Jesus, now people will see God in us, as the resurrected Jesus forms us into a literal cell in his own global body.

-- from a sermon by N. Gordon Cosby

For some reason, the above Cosby passage reminds me of the book title, A Warm Moist Salty God (by Edwina Gateley). For me, that title evokes the very tangible experience of incarnation.

UPDATE: I just found a lovely little essay on the Incarnation. Go take a look! It would make a marvelous chancel drama. Maybe that's what it's really intended to be.

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  1. I'm going off to read your link now. Thanks.


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