Monday, January 5, 2009

Twelfth Night

Here we are. It's the eve of the Epiphany. Here are some questions for us to ponder in the upcoming season:

On January 6 western Christians celebrate the feast of Epiphany, which takes its name from the Greek word epiphaneia, meaning disclosure, manifestation, unveiling or appearance. At the simplest level, on Epiphany Christians commemorate the "appearance" of the magi from the east. But on closer inspection, what are the ramifications of the baby in the manger? What does His birth manifest or unveil? What about the cosmic signs and the provocative language that this helpless baby is a newborn king? Will he really inaugurate a new reign and rule in which, according to his mother Mary, God will depose tyrants and send away the rich as empty-handed beggars?

-- Dan Clendenin

I do recommend that you click through and read Dr. Clendenin's reflection in its entirety. There are some further reflection questions at the end that are certainly worth examining.


  1. i loved those reflection questions at the end of the article. Who are the Magi today? Who are the Herods today?

    i can hardly wait for you to read my Epiphany post tomorrow :)


  2. Glad I got here to read this (and on to the link), even a day late.


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