Thursday, January 8, 2009

O taste and see...

I so love Mary Oliver's work. The "shawl of wind" --- what an amazing way to put words together. And, as it so happens, I had some chilled melon this morning and I can still taste it in my mouth with gratitude.

Every morning I want to kneel down on the golden
cloth of the sand and say
some kind of musical thanks for
the world that is happening again—another day—
from the shawl of wind coming out of the
west to the firm green

flesh of the melon lately sliced open and
eaten, its chill and ample body
flavored with mercy. I want
to be worthy of—what? Glory? Yes, unimaginable glory.
O Lord of melons, of mercy, though I am
not ready, nor worthy, I am climbing toward you.

-- Mary Oliver

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  1. I recently bought a collection of her work because of encountering it on blogs. I'll be using it in quiet time as soon as I finish Rilke's Book of Hours, which should be in three or four days.


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