Sunday, October 25, 2009

Healing one's vision

Remember last Sunday's gospel story about James and John asking to sit at the right hand and the left hand of Jesus in the Kingdom? Here's a quotation I found about this morning's story of healing the blind man:
What the blind man asked was quite different from what James and John asked. The blind man asked not to be seen, but to see: not for honor, but for vision; not to be superior to ordinary people, but to become ordinary himself; not to rule over others, but to join others in their experience of a normal life.
A big breakthrough for me spiritually came when I learned to be okay with being ordinary - and not only just okay but to cherish being ordinary. Learning to be ordinary brings us in solidarity with others. Insisting on being special isolates us.


  1. The Bartimaeus explanation is wonderful. Such a short piece of scripture so full of life and enlightenment!

  2. Wow this quote is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. So true. And a good reminder.


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