Monday, October 5, 2009

Something about vocation

Fr. Clyde Glandon just sent out his weekly collection of lectio quotations and the following grabbed my attention. It's from Rowan Williams' book of sermons entitled A Ray of Darkness. I have that book but somehow I did not particularly notice this beautiful and eloquent observation about vocation before today:
Vocation is, you could say, what’s left when all the games have stopped. We shall still need to work to find the structure and form of life that is most our own because it leaves us most alert, most responsive, most open to the never-failing grace of God. We have to find the meter for our poem, the key in which to sing to our God, the cell where we can pray to him, the person in whom we can love him, so as to give “a local habitation and a name,” face and flesh, to our own particular following of Christ.
I like this: "when all the games have stopped." How very true. And how very seductive those games can be. Let us all pray to be delivered from them for the duration. (Duration = life!)

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  1. I think I will post this on my blog also, I saw that email from Fr. Glandon.

    Thanks for inspiring me, as you do so many.


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