Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interesting prayer technique

"Madonna with the Long Neck" (detail)
Artist: Parmigianino

I have benefitted from Fr. Edward Hays' writings for many years now. Here's something I just found that I like very much:

The Koran says that God is closer than the vein in your neck. What a beautiful invitation to pray. In fact, it suggests a new way to pray. Begin by placing your first and second fingers on your throat's jugular vein. Linger there as your feel the vigorous throbbing of life within you. Praying with your fingers on your jugular vein can be a sensual affirmation that God is not distant or remote but is pulsating within you. . . Besides being an excellent preface to any prayer, this tactile throat prayer gesture is useful whenever you are in need of God's presence.

-- From Prayers Notes to A Friend

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